The Capstone unit entails study at an advanced level, drawing together and moving beyond the student’s preceding coursework. It requires the distinctive formulation of a topic area, question or theme. Study of this topic requires research, exegesis of texts or specific authors’ work, and critical appraisal of arguments and potential further work in the subject area. Strong communication skills are required for the assessment tasks. The Capstone unit requires an integrative approach, drawing upon at least two disciplines within theological studies. The Capstone unit is undertaken within the final two semesters of a Masters Degree.

Unit code: XX9970W

Unit status: Approved (New unit)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Capstone

Unit discipline: Capstone Other X

Proposing College: Whitley College

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Learning outcomes


Explain succinctly the issue or theme addressed and how it relates to other areas of theological study


Critically review the distinctive arguments or perspectives presented by relevant texts or sources, drawing upon at least two disciplines of theological studies


Critique the contribution, merits or limitations of these arguments or sources, and their potential impact on ministry or faith practice


Introduce potential areas for further study of this theme


After an initial orientation seminar, students will work under the supervision of an appropriately qualified member of faculty.

Indicative Bibliography

The reading set for this unit will be determined by the student in consultation with the supervisor.


Type Description Word count Weight (%)

OPTION B (OR OPTION A) One essay of 6000 words including a 10 minute oral presentation

6000 100.0

OPTION A (or OPTION B) One Exegetical Paper or Book Review, 1500 words, and One Essay of 4500 words including a 10 minute oral presentation or Option B

6000 100.0

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