This unit provides the opportunity to bring together what the student has learnt in the previous supervision units and demonstrate their capacity for further research by critically evaluating an experience or topic and integrating their findings in a coherent essay or project report. Integrative experiences are designed to provide students with an opportunity to be engaged in educationally purposeful practice with an invite to engage collaboratively. Students will have the option to choose between three integrative experiences: a major research project, a relevant placement opportunity or attending an in-person, group relations conference or alternative experiential program.

Unit code: PS9017M

Unit status: Approved (Major revision)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Professional Supervision

Proposing College: Professional Supervision

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate integration of the key features of learning from previous units in professional supervision.


Synthesise the application of knowledge, learning and practice into a specific assessment task.


Demonstrate the capacity to critically reflect upon personal maturity, self-development in relation to the role of professional supervisor.


Reflect theologically and critically in a specialised practice of supervision

Unit sequence

Unit PS9014M must be completed before PS9015M and PS9016M but the latter two units do not have to be completed in sequence.


The pedagogical model for this unit focuses on a high-impact practice experience with critical reflection, engagement with theory and best practice and peer-to-peer learning. Four (asynchronous) Peer Group sessions will enable student practitioners to practice and think together in a sustained manner throughout the unit.

Indicative Bibliography


Type Description Word count Weight (%)

Variant 1

Critical Review - Critical Reflection 1

Pre-experience reflection.

1000 15.0
Project Report or Project Journal - Project Proposal

Proposal for final essay.

500 5.0
Critical Review - Critical Reflection 2

Post-experience reflection.

1000 15.0
Essay - Final Research Essay

Critically evaluate the experience/placement and produce a final assessable piece of work that offers a contribution to the field of supervision practice.

5500 65.0

Variant 2

Project Report or Project Journal - Project Proposal

Proposal for research project.

1000 20.0
Project Report or Project Journal - Research Project Report

This essay will critically evaluate professional supervision and offer a contribution to the field of supervision practice.

7000 80.0

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