This unit explores the progressive history of moral theology toward Vatican II and beyond. Particular focus will be on the basic foundations of Christian morality and different moral arguments, with special attention to a spirituality-morality integration. Students will explore the practical applications for an Ignatian discernment process.

Unit code: DT9321J (Approved)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Moral Theology

Delivery mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Jesuit College of Spirituality

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Learning outcomes


Analyze basic foundations of moral theology in order to assess other specific fields of morality;


Critique various trends in contemporary literature of morality;


Synthesise their informed views through exercising the Ignatian process of moral discernment;


Critically assess how the Ignatian process of moral discernment forms Christian conscience.

Unit sequence

15 points of Foundational Systematic Theology


Lectures, seminars, tutorials, facilitated interaction in small groups


Type Description Word count Weight (%)

1500 word essay

1500 20.0
Oral Presentation

20 minute class presentation (equivalent to a 1500 word essay)

1500 20.0

Final research essay of 4000 words

4000 60.0

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