This unit will focus on the practical methods and strategies relevant to the delivery of Religious Education. Students will be exposed to a range of approaches useful to Religious Educators and will critically evaluate these approaches in light of the foundational aims of Orthodox Religious Education. This unit will explore relevant pedagogical theories that can support the delivery of Religious Education. Students will engage and reflect on practical ministry through various observations in a chosen setting and class presentations.

Unit Code: DR9719A

Points: 24.0

Unit Level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit Discipline: Religious Education

Delivery Mode: Online

Proposing College: St Athanasius College

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Learning Outcomes


Articulate traditional and contemporary approaches to Religious Education.


Critique a variety of strategies for Religious Education.


Critique Religious Education methods used in a chosen setting or outlined in relevant documents and/or policies.


Compose and present relevant material for Religious Educators regarding a chosen strategy.


Design a range of teaching and learning resources for catechists and students which incorporate one or more Religious Education strategies.


Examine the pedagogical theory relevant to one or more strategies.


Online classes will have an online tutorial and additional reading resources.. Students will be expected to contribute 5 discussions.


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)

Reports on observation of two Religious Education sessions in a chosen session (3000 words)

3000 50.0
Seminar or Tutorial

Online tutorial participation (1000 words)

1000 20.0
Learning Resource

Composition of relevant material for Religious Educators (2000 words)

2000 30.0

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