This is a practical unit in a supervised ministry context. This unit focuses on developing skills in teaching the Christian faith in a variety of situations in the ministry context with varying levels of understanding. The students observe, analyse and reflect on the content and practice of the education program of the parish and develop and enact a plan to teach either children, young people or adults in aspects of the Christian faith. The student has the opportunity to work co-operatively the supervisor and with leaders of the parish in the education program.

Unit Code: DP3623L

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit Discipline: Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Delivery Mode: Practicum

Proposing College: Australian Lutheran College

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Learning Outcomes


Lead and instruct young people and/or adults of the church in learning the faith


Demonstrate a range of pastoral responses to inquiries about the Christian faith


Identify and explain the teaching that is necessary to prepare a person for baptism


Demonstrate foundational knowledge of what is involved in developing congregational leaders


Demonstrate intermediate skills in teaching the Christian faith in a ministry context

Unit sequence

Prerequisites: At least 36 points in Field D—Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies (DP) Normally • DP1013L Introduction to Teaching for Ministry will be one of the units • the student fulfils a vocational requirement


This is applied workplace learning informed by relevant literature, supervisory observation and mentoring, and student reflective integrative responses.


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)
Project Report or Project Journal

A project report that supports the achievement of the learning outcomes for this practicum

Task 1

Design, present and reflect on a project or projects with a focus on teaching the faith.

Due end of week 2

Task 2

Produce at least two lesson plans.

Due date determined by the supervisor but normally by the mid-point of the semester

Task 3

Provide an outline for a learning resource for congregational leaders

Due date determined by the supervisor

5000 100.0

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