This unit covers three main areas of content:

  1. Corporate Christian worship—exploring the biblical foundation of worship, the understanding of worship from a Lutheran perspective, the Trinitarian and Christological nature of worship, worship as divine service, the work of the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament , and the purpose of the liturgy;
  2. Personal spiritual formation—exploring Christian spirituality both as a form of practice and as a field of theological inquiry. Luther’s catechetical framework serves as a resource for meditation and prayer as students learn to pray the catechism;
  3. The relationship between corporate worship and personal spirituality, including the church’s tradition of public prayer as a resource for personal spirituality.

Unit code: DP1040L

Unit status: Approved (Major revision)

Points: 18.0

Unit level: Undergraduate Level 1

Unit discipline: Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Proposing College: Australian Lutheran College

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Learning outcomes


Articulate the biblical and Lutheran foundations of worship


Identify and explain key elements in a Lutheran theology and practice of spirituality


Formulate working definitions or ‘spirituality’ and ‘worship’ in a Lutheran context


Reflect on the relationship between the church’s practice of public prayer and personal spirituality especially in relationship to the use of the Small Catechism in corporate and personal prayer


This unit requires the student to have access to online unit material and weekly seminars (hopefully as a study cohort). Students will engage with foundational biblical and confessional understandings of worship and spirituality from a Lutheran perspective. Weekly topical content, weekly readings and reflection on selected readings in the workbook provide the basis for weekly discussions. The two essays provide the opportunity for the student to demonstrate their learning from reflection on readings and discussion.

Indicative Bibliography

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)

Report 1000 words

1000 20.0

Essay (corporate worship) 1500 words

1500 40.0

Essay (personal spirituality) 1500 words

1500 40.0

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