This unit provides an introduction to Islam by looking at its historical development, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the place of the Quran in Islamic life, central beliefs & practices of Muslims, as well as historical Western and Christian interactions with Islam and Muslims. Particular attention will be paid to understanding the spiritual world and daily life of Muslims in various contexts, as well as barriers and bridges that can inhibit or facilitate understanding, positive interaction and fruitful encounters with Muslim neighbours. The unit will include talks and discussions with Muslims about their faith, as well as a visit to a local Mosque.

Unit Code: DM9065W

Points: 24.0

Unit Level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit Discipline: Missiology

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Whitley College

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Learning Outcomes


Outline the historical development of Islam.


Outline the central beliefs and practices of Muslims.


Articulate the importance of the Quran and the role of the Prophet Muhammad in Islam.


Articulate popular Islamic beliefs and practices.


Critique historical interactions with Muslims that have led to misunderstanding and confrontation.


Articulate fruitful practices that lead to positive encounters with Muslims


Suggest possible barriers and bridges to having conversations with Muslims about matters of faith.

Unit sequence

30 points in Foundational Studies


Lectures, tutorials, site visitation


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)
Book Review

1,000 word book report

1000 10.0
Book Review

1,000 word book report

1000 10.0
Project Report or Project Journal

1,500 word research project

1500 30.0

2,500 word essay

2500 50.0

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