In this unit students will explore theological and practical themes and trends in global theology and World Christianity. The unit helps students examine theological, missiological, and ecclesiological themes developing among Majority World Christians (sometimes called the Third World or the Global South), Indigenous Christians (especially Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Native American and First Nations) and diaspora Christians. This unit studies the expansion of Christianity in the Majority World and the implications for contextual and global theology and for World Christianity. Students will explore the implications of themes and trends in World Christianity for their own theology, mission, church, and context.

Unit code: DM3709S

Unit status: Approved (New unit)

Points: 18.0

Unit level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit discipline: Missiology

Proposing College: Stirling College

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Learning outcomes


Outline key themes in global theology and World Christianity, and the expansion of Christianity in the Majority World.


Describe theological approaches to global theology and global-local conversations (glocalisation).


Identify the interrelationships between the expansion of Christianity in the Majority World and colonialism, globalization and Western theology and Christianity.


Apply and contextualize key themes in global theology and World Christianity to their missional, ecclesial and societal settings.

Unit sequence

36 points from undergraduate level 1 units


Online. Six virtual classrooms over the semester.

DURING THE SEMESTER: A. Online Unit: This is an online only unit, in Semester (Weekly) Mode (i.e. 3 hours per week over 13 weeks = 36 engagement hours). B. Weekly Participation: Every week, online students will work through online lecture notes and readings and videos. Each of the 13 modules (completed over the 13 weeks of a semester) has its own on-line Guide that includes lecture material, readings, videos, other resources, reflection activities and an on-line forum activity that is completed by each student and then commented on by other students and the lecturer. C. Details on Virtual Classroom Sessions: The lecturer will hold six (6) 90-minute synchronous online virtual classroom sessions with the students (and recordings of these being available to students): (1) First 60 minutes will be undergrad and postgrad levels combined, and then (2) A further 30 minutes with postgrad students only.

Indicative Bibliography

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)

Written Assessment - Major Essay 2500 words

2500 50.0
Case Study

Written Assessment - Case Studies 2 x 500 words

1000 25.0

Written Assessment - Minor Essay 1500 words

1500 25.0

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