This unit considers the ethics and values dimensions of issues in education. Students will become familiar with and use the language and key ideas of both Christian and non-Christian ethical frameworks. They will consider their role as decision makers in the morally complex school environment and apply a reflective ethical decision making process informed by Lutheran theology which leads to decisions which are theologically and educationally justifiable.

Unit code: DE9135L (Approved)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Education Studies

Delivery mode: Online

Proposing College: Australian Lutheran College

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate critical understanding of a Lutheran approach to ethics within a broader awareness of a range of ethical frameworks


Analyse the significance of ethics and values for decisions taken by educators individually and collectively


Take a personal ethical position on an issue of educational practice through use of a critically rigorous, sustained ethical argument which appropriately considers the moral complexities of the issue


Demonstrate competence in the methodologies and skills of advanced research appropriate to the dialogue between education and theology, in particular research by case study.

Unit sequence

Prerequisites: DE9016L Education and Theology in Dialogue


Engagement with online learning materials, including audio/video, tasks, forums and asynchronous discussion with lecturer


Type Description Word count Weight (%)

2000 word essay on the core nature of Christian and Lutheran ethical systems

2000 25.0

5000 word ethical analysis of an education issue in a school setting

5000 75.0

Unit approved for the University of Divinity by John Capper on 19 Oct, 2017

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