This unit examines depictions of Jesus in film, including a growing number of non-western films, and seeks to examine the cinematic reimagining of traditional images of Christ. It will also consider how modern theological and biblical scholarship has informed the development of such images, our appreciation/understanding of these films, and their reception within the cultural landscape.

Unit Code: CT3019W

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit Discipline: Systematic Theology

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Whitley College

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Learning Outcomes


Critically engage with film as a dynamic tool for theological reflection and social commentary.


Articulate how films may offer expression to their understanding of their Christology


Identify the social, cultural and theological sources that inform cinematic expressions of Christ.


Critique the biblical, theological and cultural motifs that inform their interpretaions of the images of Christ presented in film.

Unit sequence

One foundation in Field D and one foundation in field in Field C


This unit encourages students to engage with theoretical & cinematic soucres, applying them to the students Christological frameworks. They are prompted to reflect weekly upon their readings/viewings, and to develop a link between their viewing and their theological frameworks. Through content delivery, theological reflection methods, specific film studies, discussion groups and assessment tools, learning opportunities will be offered.


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)
Critical Review

Critical Review (1000 words)

1000 20.0

Report (1500 words)

1500 30.0

Essay (2,500 words)

2500 50.0

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