This unit will explore inter-cultural and cross-cultural readings of the Scriptures and especially of the New Testament from Asian Christian, cultural, religious, social and political contexts.

This will involve selected readings in Asian biblical theologies and analysis of exegetical and hermeneutical methods that are relevant and appropriate to Asian contexts and that inform and equip Christian communities in Asia and the Asian diaspora.

These methods will include post-colonial perspectives, inter-faith and inter-religious readings, liberation and Developing World theological viewpoints, and social justice and human rights perspectives. These will be used to explore the interpretation of select New Testament passages from the Gospels, the Pauline letters and Revelation in association with texts from the Old Testament Prophets.

Unit Code: BN9706W

Points: 24.0

Unit Level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit Discipline: New Testament

Delivery Mode: Online

Proposing College: Whitley College

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Learning Outcomes


Apply appropriate exegetical methods to selected biblical texts that are particularly relevant to Asian contexts;


Apply hermeneutical skills necessary for working thematically and theologically across both Testaments, with a primary focus on the New Testament, in relation to Asian biblical theologies;


Identify key biblical texts and traditions of significance for the situations faced by (Christian) peoples in Asia, and the Asian diaspora


Evaluate the hermeneutical significance of biblical perspectives for contemporary discussions of Asian religious, social and political issues.


Analyse the Christian Scriptures in dialogue with Asian cultural, religious and philosophical literature.

Unit sequence

30 points in Field B


Interaction with online resources, including forum, peer discussion, lecture MP3s, PPTs, readings.


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)

Critical Reviews of Readings (1500 words)

0 20.0
Seminar or Tutorial

Seminar/tutorial paper (1500 words)

0 30.0
Exegetical Essay

Exegetical essay (3000 words)

0 50.0

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