This unit explores the book of Isaiah and the major issues associated with contemporary study, such as: how much can be known about the prophet Isaiah and his preaching, the complex history of the book called Isaiah, including the hypothesis of three major editions (chs. 1–39; 40–55; 56–66), and the composition of the book in its final form. Exegetical study of selected passages of Isaiah will form a key focus of the unit, including consideration of the relevance of the book and its theology for today.

Unit code: BA9013Y

Unit status: Approved (Major revision)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Old Testament

Proposing College: Yarra Theological Union

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the common literary forms found in prophetic literature, and their relevance to the book of Isaiah


Critically evaluate the central debates about the composition and interpretation of the book of Isaiah


Use and critique scholarly commentaries and other resources used to interpret the book of Isaiah


Engage in critical discussion of the theological significance of select biblical texts studied and their relationship to the book of Isaiah


Research and critically assess passages and themes from the book of Isaiah in a rigorous and self-directed manner

Unit sequence

BA8000Y and BN8000Y or equivalent


Lectures, tutorials, group work, discussions.

Indicative Bibliography

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Exegesis 2000 30.0
Annotated Bibliography 500 10.0
Essay 4500 60.0

Unit approved for the University of Divinity by Prof Albert Haddad on 18 May, 2022

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