This unit studies the various ways the Hebrew Bible explores the justice of God. The unit will examine the experience of suffering, and responses to this experience that explicitly and implicitly give rise to theodicy. Various theodicies will be studied in the context of different literary traditions, including the Pentateuch, narrative writings, the Psalms, Wisdom literature and Prophetic writings. Critical and exegetical tools will be used to study selected passages within these traditions. Through the lenses of pastoral and spiritual care these traditions will be contextualised in contemporary community settings, and address issues including end-of-life/palliative care, aging, mental health, and trauma. Systemic and institutional themes will also be explored.

Unit Code: BA3708S

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit Discipline: Old Testament

Delivery Mode: Online

Proposing College: Stirling Theological College

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Learning Outcomes


Demonstrate a familiarity with the ideology of theodicy in a range of Hebrew biblical traditions


Discuss a variety of scholarly approaches to studying the texts of the Hebrew Bible in relation to theodicy


Explain the relationship between theodicy and socio-political contexts in the world of the Hebrew Bible


Articulate and critique theodicy in current church and world discourse.


Demonstrate a capacity to pastorally engage a specific topic relating to theodicy, in a sustained, practice-integrated manner

Unit sequence

BA1001S Introducing the Hebrew Bible or equivalent


Engagement with learning materials and discussion in forums utilizing the facilities of ARK


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)

2,500 word essay

0 50.0
Critical Review

1000 word critical reflection on set reading

0 25.0
Tutorial Paper/Seminar Paper

1,000 word tutorial paper

0 25.0

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