This unit examines the history of Protestantism in the eighteenth to mid-twentieth centuries through the lens of religious literature and music. Using a wide variety of texts including poetry, novels, hymns and songs, drama and memoirs, the unit seeks to explore trends in the development of Protestant belief and spirituality around the world, with a special emphasis on the Australian experience. Topics include the Enlightenment, conversion and revival, social activism, nature, writing for children, and the life of the church.

Unit code: AR8039P (Approved)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Foundational

Unit discipline: Religious Studies

Delivery mode: Online

Proposing College: Pilgrim Theological College

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Learning outcomes


Identify significant dates, people and themes in the history of Protestantism in the 18th-mid-20th centuries


Apply key principles of historical interpretation to a range of primary sources


Demonstrate an understanding of how an aspect of practice or belief has developed over time within Protestantism


Communicate an understanding of the history of Protestantism to audiences both in the local church and the academy


Critically assess the influence of Protestantism in the 18th to mid-20th century on a particular aspect of church or society


Lecture audio and visual aids provided online, virtual classroom, moderated forum discussion, online lesson and resource provision


Type Description Word count Weight (%)

Critical Review of 1500 words

0 30.0

Research Essay of 3000 words

0 40.0
Oral Presentation

Presentation of 1500 words

0 30.0

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